Official Bridge Run Training Clinics!
We are pleased to announce comprehensive 12 week training clinics to get you ready for the Cooper River Bridge Run! Expert and dedicated coaches will guide you to meet your Bridge Run goals, whether you are a runner or a walker. Choose from Tuesday evenings downtown, Wednesday evenings in Mt. Pleasant, or Wednesday mornings downtown (MUSC). Clinics start in mid January, cost is $75 for any one of the three training programs.

2015 Training Clinic Schedule Coming Soon!

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BEGINNER Training Schedule

Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
1 2E OFF 1E/1W/1E OFF 2E OFF 1E/1W/1E 10
2 3E OFF 1E/2W/1E OFF 2E OFF 1E/1W/1E 12
3 4E OFF 1E/2W/1E OFF 3E OFF 1E/1W/1E 14
4 5E OFF 3E OFF 3E OFF 5K E 15
5 5E OFF 4E OFF 4E OFF 1E/1W/1E 16
6 6E OFF 1E/1M/1E OFF 4E OFF 3 E 16
7 6E OFF 4E OFF 4E OFF 5K Race 18
8 6E OFF 1E/2M/1E OFF 4E OFF 4E 18
9 7E OFF 1E/3M/1E OFF 4E OFF 4E 20
10 7E OFF 4E OFF 5E OFF 5K Race 20
11 8E OFF 1E/3M/1E OFF 5E OFF 4E 22
12 8E OFF 5E OFF 2E OFF 10K Race 22

Races are in BOLD; Easy (E) is a slow jog; Walk (W) is a brisk walk; Moderate (M) is about 1-2 minutes slower than your projected 10k per  mile pace.  Remember to stretch (before and after), warm-up and cool down (1/2 mile of jogging/walking before and after racing) and to keep yourself well hydrated!


EXPERIENCED Training Schedule


Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
1 6E OFF 1E/2H/1E 6E 6E OFF 2E/3H/1E 28
2 6E OFF 1E/2H/1E 6E 7E OFF 2E/5K/1E 30
3 8E OFF Int 8X400 6E 6E OFF 2E/4H/1E 32
4 8E OFF Int 4X800 7E 7E OFF 5K Easy 34
5 9E OFF 1E/2H/1E 7E 7E OFF 1E/6M/1E 34
6 9E OFF Int 3x1600 7E 7E OFF 2E/5K/1E 36
7 10E OFF Int 10x400 6E 6E 4E 1E/3M/1E 38
8 10E OFF Int 5x500 6E 6E 4E 1E/10K/1E 40
9 10E OFF 1E/3H/2E 8E 8E 4E 2E/3M/2E 42
10 12E OFF Int 3x1600 5E 5E 6M 6E 42
11 12E OFF Int 6x800 5E 5E 8M 5E 44
12 10E OFF Int 8x400 5E 6E OFF 10K Race 36


Races are in BOLD; Easy (E) is a recovery pace; Hard (H) is at your 10k race pace; Moderate (M) is about 1-2 minutes slower than your 10k pace; Intervals (Int) run 400 meters at 10 seconds faster than your 10K race pace, 800 at 5-10 secs faster, miles (1600) at your 10K race pace (ie an 8 minute toK pace is 2 mins. per 400m, so run 1:50 per 400 and 3:50-3:55 for an 800).  Walk 400 meters between intervals.  Remember to stretch, warm-up and cool down (all Interval sessions should be preceded by 1 easy mile, and ended with 1 easy mile)!

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Online Training Program

Now That You Are in The Race It's Time To Train!

Make this your best race yet!  Take advantage of the personalization of a World-class coach at an incredible price with runcoach. On average participants training with runcoach see a 7% improvement in race finish time over prior races. Whether you are a first-time participant, seeking a new PR, or somewhere  in the middle - runcoach will help you race your best.

Enter your running background information, race distance, and current fitness level to create a 100% customized training plan. Receive weekly personalized emails and use view running videos, record your training and see the schedule update accordingly to keep you training at the right level. Miss a week? Recalculate your schedule and get back on track instantly. Sign up today and take advantage of the Cooper River Bridge Run special rate of $20.00 (65% off normal price).

Start Now!

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April 05, 2014